The Pharmacy providing a holistic service

To meet the requirements of patients as fully as possible, Cure Plus complements our health care services and serves the overall community Al Ain. Cure Plus Pharmacy is connected to Cure plus Medical Center, our Pharmacy integrated an electronic system to Cure Plus Medical Center to ensure accuracy and speed of service delivery.

Our focus revolves in providing high quality of care through professional counseling in terms of drug use, side effects, storage, and other drug-related issues, to reach optimum drug therapy and outcome. A variety of therapeutic, nutritional, and other para-pharmaceutical products are also available to cover different needs of patients and community.

We deal with all major insurances operating in Al Ain.

Our Services

At Cure Plus Pharmacy our qualified pharmacists are dedicated in providing;

  • Dispensing both acute and chronic prescriptions
  • Counseling patients on the appropriate use and storage of prescribed medications
  • Consultation for patients on pharmacist-only, over-the-counter drugs and other para-pharmaceutical products
  • Patient education and health education


Cure Plus Pharmacy maintain a wide variety of products that serve our medical center specialties as well as the community including:

  • Prescription and over-the-counter medication
  • Medical equipment, devices, blood sugar and blood pressure monitors
  • Specialty care products
  • Personal Care products
  • Skin Care products
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